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All our student rental leads are less than 10 days old, local, and verified.

Our light-speed and simple SMS referral system attracts the most potential student tenants to use our services.


Fill your 


Stop spending so much money on Facebook ads, billboards, and other wide-blast approaches. For a fraction of the cost, get in touch directly with verified applicants.


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It's easy. Sign up in 20 seconds over SMS. Tell us the listing's location, price, setup and we'll text you names and phone numbers of tenants with search criteria that match your listing.


Contact Leads

SMS (texting) has a 98% open rate while emails, Facebook messages, etc. have a measly 20% open rate. This means that SMS is the best method of reaching out to leads and future tenants.


Fill Vacancies

By having a constant stream of leads in your pipeline, reduce your vacancy rates and lost rent. For the first time ever, landlords and managers have a reliable, easy, and fast way to talk to tenants first.

Plans & Pricing



  • Non-enterprise users only

  • 10-day expiration on listings

  • Basic listing fields

  • One listing at a time

  • Maximum 2 referrals/leads a day

  • No customer support


$1 per lead

  • No base charge

  • Custom listing description and fields

  • Maximum 10 referrals/leads per listing.

  • No listing count limit

  • Business hours dedicated support

  • Pictures and links allowed

*For leasing agents, property managers for more than 2 units.

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